Welcome to ConVi GmbH

ConVi is a private owned international acting company, headquartered in Neu-Ulm Germany. It is successful provider of a wide range of infrastructure, communications, security and multi-sensor systems used for government’s, military, homeland security and industry. ConVi is also a prime contractor in sea borne- & airborne systems, security- and surveillance systems.

We are specialized in providing tailor made system- & risk reduction solutions for critical infrastructures, situational awareness, precision motion monitoring, surveillance systems, defense and homeland security. Our high experienced engineering team consists of experts skilled from Radar technology, infrastructures and that specializes in the customized development and integration of complex system solutions
Our experts are ready to provide worldwide services, training and in country support.

Within our three business units, System Solutions, Infrastructures and Mobile Healthcare, we are ready to assist you in any requests concerning system projects and infrastructure development.

This unique combination of know-how and long-term international experience enables us to deliver innovative high-tech solutions for governments, police, military and industry.

We are pleased to realize your projects, providing highest quality, best solutions and international services.




In an increasingly unpredictable world, ConVi designs and delivers custom-made security solutions for cities, borders and critical infrastructure.



From enquiries and planning phase, through engineering, projectmanagement and system installation ConVi GmbH accompanies your organization through the complete project.

Health Care

Health Care

ConVi GmbH is bringing healthcare to people where help is needed and our medical solutions  supplies most advanced health care and ensure treatments based on highest EN/DIN standards.



Addition to our infrastructure and system solutions, ConVi delivers highly qualified global service support for the entire system life. We are providing international services, including maintenance and complete spare part chain.




High Quality Ambulances

  • Customized Vehicle Design
  • Special Ambulance Solutions
  • All-terrain 4x4 chassis (optional)
  • Integrated Medical Equipment
  • Manufactured in Europe

Sea Falcon System

Search- & Rescue and Multi-Sensor Exploitation System


  • High-Tech Carbon Sea Vessel Platform
  • 30% Lighter
  • 20% Stronger
  • 100% Performance

Communal Vehicles

Government Vehicles and Machinery

  • Trucks and Trailers (also Airport Fuel Service trucks)
  • Special Vehicles for Police, Customs and Governments
  • FireFighter Trucks and Ambulances
  • Urban- & City Vehicles and passenger Buses
  • ZERO EMISSION Vehicles (electro power driven)
  • Roads- and Construction Machinery (Excavator)