About the company

In the year 2012 ConVi GmbH was established as system engineering- and service provider. Our management & team member a group of experience system experts on sensor integration, aviation engineering, system operation, software and project management combined knowledge and were the decision to found ConVi GmbH.

ConVi= Connected Visualization Intelligence is your guarantee for the most advanced technologies and high-tech system solutions, in a broad range of applications.
We are dedicated to system engineering, project management, system development, service and maintenance. ConVi is your turn-key provider of infrastructure projects and special configured systems, hardware components and multi-sensor integration.

We started our business in the field of global industrial system integration and multi-sensor systems for air- & sea borne applications. Over the years we establish a close and successful partnership with leading hardware-, software and platform manufacturers.
The worldwide growing demand and need of Infrastructure- and Risk Reduction projects led us to adopt our business model and today we are very proud to be a well-known system partner for many Governments, Ministries and global Industrial clients.

Our professional management and engineering team has more than 25 years’ experience, know-how & design flexibility offers high level customer oriented services in critical infrastructures solutions. With several systems deployed and supported around the globe, ConVi GmbH is one of the leading suppliers.

Most of our hardware and software components are designed, engineered and produced in Germany (Made in Germany) and as a German company we are clearly focused on providing best support, highest quality, on-time deliveries, providing customized solutions always fulfilling their needs and requirements.

ConVi GmbH, one team, one mission, one direction.