Falcon Scout

Detection Range

  • Pedestrian upto 8,0km
  • Soldier´s upto 10km
  • Small vehicles upto 15km
  • Large Vehicles upto 24km

Mobile Radar Systems

The FALCON ‘Scout’ Vehicle is a mobile surveillance unit offering a unique cost-efficient defense solution providing an increased capability of early threat recognition and improved perimeter control.

The FALCON ‘Scout’ is designed for long range security patrols, for controlling large areas and defending mobile targets, and for situations where security demands a perpetual adaptation of reconnaissance patterns. The operators of an FALCON ‘Scout’ will be able to quickly redefine the boundaries of the controlled area to instantly react to any situation that may arise.

The FALCON ’Scout’ is a vehicle equipped with a number of surveillance modules, a digital radar unit, and electro optical sensor array and a Command Center. The Radar provides continuous observation of a large area detecting any movements, while the electro optical sensor array provides detailed picture of any detected targets for accurate identification useable in both day and night operation.

The electro optical head and the radar are mounted on retractable masts. The vehicle is assembled with a leveling system in order to stabilize and level the sensors. The high capacity battery system provides enough power for long time surveillance scenarios.

The operating platform, is an unique Adaptive Multi-sensor System, presents an easy to operate user interface, offering the possibility of multi-tasking and educated decision-making to the operator. The software is capable of utilizing different map formats and displaying the detected targets over the map. The video of the cameras and the control functions are also integrated into the same system proving even automatic slew-to-cue functions.

Every surveillance data and user interaction is recorded and can be replayed for further analysis. The system can be operated as stand alone or in a network of other sensors. The detection range is between 10 and 24 km depending on the target and topographic conditions.