Sniper Detection System

  • Executive and VIP protection
  • Special Forces and Police missions
  • Counter Surveillance and Intelligence
  • Borderline protection and Checkpoint Security

Risk Reduction Systems

Sniper Detection Before Shooting
Automatic Detection of Optics

The Sniper detection system is a modular, flexible and integrated reconnaissance system. It combines laser range gating, thermal and optical technologies for maximum capabilities in target detection for:

  • Perimeter intrusion detection
  • Border control and protection
  • Facility protection
  • Vehicle detection
  • Surveillance detection
  • Counter-surveillance operations
  • Counter-intelligence operations
  • Executive and VIP protection
  • Protection of critical infrastructures
  • Special Forces combat operations
  • Sniper detection
  • Counter sniper

The laser range gated camera uses a pulsed laser illuminator to emit invisible laser-radiation. The pulse hits the designated target and is amplified and reflected out of the enemies’ optical systems. The time gating shutter collects only photons within a preset certain rang e of distance.

The reflected laser energy compromises so the position and distance. It works for every kind of optical system like camera and sniper scope lenses. There is no need for additional illumination of the observation area because the laser delivers the necessary illumination. Range gated viewing is the ultimate technology to see under the worst environmental conditions. Night, fog or rain. Unique feature is the detection of threats behind windows.

The system uses an automatically scan mode to detect optics by a software algorithm. It scans the preconfigured locations for a defined time period. The system can be integrated in vehicles or on to of buildings or transportable on tripods.