Mobile Schools

  • Turn-Key Schools in Trailers (extensible system)
  • Fully equipped including classroom furniture
  • Stand-Alone Systems including Power Generator
  • Standard Systems for 25 children / scholar
  • Networking interfaces for multi-teaching

Innovative School Systems

ConVi do have long-term international business experience and during our Mobile HealthCare programs we recognized that in many countries is a real need for Mobile School´s.

The training and education of Children is next to Infrastructure and Health Care the most important program for Governments. Together with our Truck- and Trailer company we developed brand-new “Mobile School” trailers which are designed for 25 Children / Students and 2 teacher`s.

Individually we can change the interior setup from Primary to Secondary school stage. We are working closely with teachers and education professionals, we developed a Mobile Classroom System to inspire teachers and engage children each year. The classroom and school equipment’s are fully tried and tested to give you the confidence you need when buying educational resources (all with long-life cycle).
Optional we can integrate IT and Computer systems, because the key-themes of computer science, digital literacy and IT are fundamental to the delivery of the new curriculum.

The trucks- and trailers are full equipped and will be delivered already with integrated classroom furniture. The trailer himself do have an own power supply (noise reduced power generator) with integrated AC / Air Condition and economic heating system.
On the trailer side-walls we integrated nice looking large windows and strong ceiling lights will generate very realistic lighting.

The trailer structure himself is expandable during the parking mode and can automatically (hydraulic) increase the trailer width, to ensure enough space for training. At the Trailer entrance area we installed anti-slippery stairs and a wheel chair ramp.

Life in MOTION. ConVi GmbH Germany.