• High Performance Payload Options
  • Multi-Spectral Imaging System
  • Tactical Surveillance and SAR missions
  • Automatic Laser Spot Tracking System
  • High Definition IR and EO Imagery

Air Falcon System

The AIR FALCON SYSTEM is a new generation multi-mission airborne system with real-time video and radar intelligence for efficient surveillance and reconnaissance.
The airborne platform can be a rotary wings aircraft, fixed wings aircraft, Drone / UAVs or a high-tech carbon fibre Gyrocopter. We also have different types of HALE aircrafts (HALE= High Altitude and Long Endurance), all engineered developed for reconnaissance and surveillance operations.
As in house product ConVi can provide a high-tech Gyrocopter (piloted) fully produced in Carbon fibre (CFK mono-coque / CFRP mono-cell), providing an ideal system platform for reconnaissance and multi-sensor integration. The flexible POD payload system of the AIR FALCON can accommodate multiple mission systems for civilian and also for military applications, Border Patrol and Observation Operations.

Missions & Operations

  • Border Patrol / Borderline security
  • Illegal immigration Detection
  • Maritime- & Harbour surveillance
  • Sea Search and Rescue (SAR)
  • Oil rig and pipeline security
  • Traffic control / VIP Protection
  • Anti-piracy and pollution control
  • Environment monitoring
  • Disaster operation / Environment Observation
  • Route scanning and counter-IED support

AIR FALCON Multi-Video-Senor-Exploitation-System

The FALCON Ground Segment provides integrated and state-of-the-art components to utilize the system to a maximum extent. It uses superior technology to monitor, execute, and complete the complex tasks of intelligence, and surveillance (IS). The system enables the user to execute and control the complete workflow, starting from the information requirement, through the exploitation, and generating the intelligence report. The IS Data Processing System provides all components required for:

  • Display of multiple sensor data
  • Fusion of multiple sensor data
  • Data analysis for sensor data
  • Data pre-exploitation (due to the limited number of  work positions)
  • Data distribution to a shared data base or other defined destinations
  • Archival storage and
  • Real time live access to sensor data stream

ConVi will develop for your application a turn-key solution including the most efficient mode of operation.