Air Traffic Control

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    Air Traffic Radar System

    The Air traffic control (short-form “ATC”) system is a service provided by ground-based air traffic controllers who direct aircraft on the ground and through controlled airspace and can provide advisory services to aircraft in non-controlled areas. (for civilian and military usage).

    The primary purpose of ATC worldwide is to prevent collisions, coordination of aircraft traffic, organize and expedite the flow of starts landing, provide information and supports pilots and ground staff. The ATC is also an important security or defensive system and is sometimes operated by the military.

    The system prevents collisions, ATC enforces traffic separation rules, which ensure aircrafts maintains to their correct take-off and landing route. In many countries ATC provides services to all private, military, and commercial aircraft operating within its airspace territories.

    The ATC is more than ever indispensable for the safety of civil aircrafts as well as for all-weather military operations. ConVi GmbH is system partner of leading radar manufacturing companies. With nearly 25 years of experience providing high quality Radar systems, long lasting displays for international airports and governments, our engineering team understands the unique needs of the air traffic control industry.

    With our MADE in GERMANY products we can therefore ensure that Germany has an important core technology and facilitates full life cycle and transition of all air traffic control equipment for the past, present and the future.

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