Mobile Hospital Solutions

  • Mammography and Fluorography Center
  • Military Hospital and Intensive Care Units
  • Mobile Dental and Laboratory Center
  • Mobile PET/CT and MRI Center

Mobile Clinic Systems

ConVi is your high-tech mobile medical- & healthcare solution partner. Always based on your needs and requirements we will offer the best solution for your application and we can deliver following turn-key systems:

A) Specialized Healthcare Solutions
B) Preventive treatments and screening examination
C) Emergency- & Disaster Management.

We are bringing healthcare to people and areas where help is needed and our systems supplies most advanced healthcare handling to fringe areas, smaller counties, border lines and ensure treatments based on highest European medical standards.

Mobile integrated Systems

A) Our Specialized Healthcare units cover´s most advanced treatment systems like CT / PET / combined PET-CT (with 64 slices) / MRI / Cath-LAB und Mobile Surgery. Our mobile clinics are the most effective solution for early stage cancer detection. With our high-tech medical imaging systems an early and more exact diagnosis and treatment planning is guaranteed.

B) Preventive and periodic treatments is the most important support for people, countries population and governments. Our mobile clinics can be configured for following applications, Adult- & Children periodic treatments / X-RAY Systems / Diabetics- & blood treatments / HIV treatments / Mobile Mammography Center (breast- & cancer screening). All our modules supplies precise data for excellent diagnostic and high resolution imaging capability. Also our Mobile Dentist and Dental clinic are very important for continuous and preventive treatment’s to ensure people healthiness. The configuration of the mobile dental units provides the presence of 2-3 working stations, X-RAY diagnostic with radio-visiography, erbium and diode laser technologies, equipment for the dental laboratory, sterilization area and independent system of fresh water supply including waste disposal.

C) For Emergency and Disaster Management “timing” is the most important factor. In cases of Floods, Forest Fires, Airplane Crashes, Earth Quakes, Terrorist Attacks and Border Line issue´s (immigration / first aid camp) our mobile hospital trailers can be merged into a large emergency medical compound. Our Emergency center provides a function of receiving, stabilizing and managing patients who present with a large variety of urgent, middle urgent and non-urgent conditions whether self or ambulance referred. The system also provides management, registration and reception of disaster patients. The compound and joint usage of several mobile healthcare modules allows hospitals and military bases to keep total control over patients flow and ensures high level services and fast treatments. The layout of each unit is designed to create an optimal environment (operational space) for doctors, operators and patients. The practical result is an efficient operation environment that enables the user to treat a maximum number of patients.

Emergency Center Advantages:

  • Fast moving and short time operation setup
  • Terms of Commissioning
  • Number of operating personnel
  • Multi-Purpose Medical Solution
  • High Capacity and effective Patient flow
  • Any configurations of healthcare Units
  • Healthcare gateway for Forces, Governments and Ministries