Emergency, Chief- and Command Solutions

  • Special Emergency Ambulances
  • Chief and Command Vehicles
  • First Response Vehicles (FRV)
  • Emergency Patient Transport

First Response Solutions

ConVi is an independent emergency- and first response vehicle supplier. Our engineering team and professionals bring to bear their longstanding experience from their firefighting, healthcare, medical, law enforcement, patient transportation, government and other commercial sectors.

We provide professional industry solutions, for a full line of rescue systems for emergency, rescue, first response and evacuation solutions.

Product Description

Our vehicles and products are tailored for emergency, rescue and training situations across multiple industries. Whether you are a soldier in the field, an emergency responder, or a building safety coordinator, ConVi always have the best solution for your tasks.
We represent market leading key industry OEMs and we are also offering custom-based emergency vehicle refreshing, full line of renaissance emergency vehicles and fast moving command and first response units. Our powerful combination of 20 years’ global experience and capabilities, gives you an outstanding array of choices to meet all your specific emergency mission needs.

ConVi continuously has developed the depth and breadth to support clients from the government, military and private sectors. No matter what your missions are, our professional project team is here to assist you with interior design, vehicle- and equipment configuration which will fully meet your specifications.
Our emergency solutions are specifically built to provide dependable, durable service platforms for many applications. High tech command centers, first response, to name a few, to specification depending on your missions and requirements. Governments, fire department, police- & federal organizations have come to rely on ConVi to provide high-performance solutions to their individual needs.

Save life, don´t compromise. ConVi GmbH.