Sea Falcon System


  • High-Tech Carbon Sea Vessel Platform
  • 30% Lighter
  • 20% Stronger
  • 100% Performance

Search- & Rescue and Multi-Sensor Exploitation System

The “spearhead” of the SEA FALCON SYSTEM is a high-tech lightweight stealthily designed CARBON fibre composite vessel. Based on the CARBON fibre hull, the platform is extremely light and very rigid & strong.

CARBON Composite is approximately 30% lighter than aluminium. Because of this massive weight saving, ConVi can increase payload and on-board Sensor and rscue equipment. We exploit the latest technology in boat-building, developed and produced in Germany, to provide superior performance for both manned (SEA FALCON-M) and unmanned (SEA FALCON-D) search & rescue operations.

The highly economic hull design minimizes resistance in water, reducing fuel consumption and increasing operation time. It has a range of up to 1000 nm or 50 hours with a maximum speed up to 50 knots additionally, ConVi s able to supply a high-tech HYBRID powertrain. This high-end & economical option generates additional benefits, higher operational range and silent drive mode (for night operation).

The state-of-the-art efficient and reliable propulsion system is engineered for long endurance and high-speed chase missions. The platform is equipped with an intelligent navigation processing system for auto-nomous and remote controlled operation.

The SEA FALCON System is unique and unmatched in its functionality and capabilities:

  • Coastline surveillance
  • Harbour protection
  • Escort ship for big vessels
  • Underwater sonar missions
  • Environmental surveillance
  • Search and Rescue

The state of the art, efficient and reliable propulsion system is engineered for long endurance and high-speed chase missions. The platform is equipped with an intelligent navigation processing system for autonomous and remote controlled operations.

The SEA FALCON SYSTEM is developed for operations in extreme environmental conditions with capabilities that allow the crew to operate from a protected position. With our SEA FALCON-D SYSTEM and the C² Command & Control Center the crew is able to operate directly from the Harbor and receive real-time data. Using fully-stabilized precision optic systems (EO) and INFRA RED (IR) to observe, detect and operate, we can provide the most effective support for surveillance and search and rescue operations.

Falcon System / Schematic

The Falcon Multi Sensor Exploitation System is an integrated high-tech data processing system ideal for surveillance and rescue missions. It provides imagery reconnaissance as required for ground operations in real time data transmission of sensor data from the sea-borne and air-borne platform. Our system operates in use of standardized formats and interfaces for sensor data, reconnaissance results and data transfer. Falcon provides data integration, data fusion, for example satellite SAR data, the system provides mission planing, system management and control for a successful rescue mission.

The navigation system compromises of a GPS-based system and INS (Internal Navigation System) backup system in case GPS signals are jammed. The system can be controlled either from an on-shore or an on-board shelter. The control center can control and operate several platforms at a time. SEA FALCON can also perform its mission without active control. In case the communication lines are jammed the vessel can fulfil its mission and return to harbour.

The intelligent navigation system will detect other sea traffic and perform evasive manoeuvres. SEA FALCON is an integrated naval combat system, based on manned and unmanned surface vessels. Highly autonomous and remotely controlled, the system is able to conduct a wide spectrum of critical missions, while eliminating unnecessary risk to personnel and capital assets.

The platforms can be equipped with exchangeable mission modules for various operations. Optionally we integrate sophisticated COMINT or ELINT sensor modules to complete the reconnaissance picture. Active or passive sonar sensors can be installed to extend underwater reconnaissance.

ConVi will develop for your application a turn-key solution including the most efficient mode of operation.